Bohrzentrum & Bohrwerke – TOS Varnsdorf WH 10 CNC

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TOS Varnsdorf




The machine has been completely overhauled. We will send the repair schedule upon request. 12 month warranty.

Schedule of overhaoul works:

Bed Z and stand
preparing individual parts for tapping, tapping carriage , Biplast gluing on wedges and headstock, scraping the geometry of the stand and scraping the wedges, new storage of ball bearing X, Y, Z, montage of original drives , X, Z, Y, replacement of new telescopic covers on the X, Z axes, Mounting the cover bellows on the Y axis, ball screws X, Y, Z (to overhaull KSK Kuřim), assembly and adjustment of the whole group

X / Z cross table support, carriage of table, table
Disassembly of individual groups, bending work table area, preparation of individual parts for plastic tapping, cross support, Biplast and wedges, scraping, guides and wedges, replacement or repair of damaged parts, replacement of all machine bearings, replacement of telescopic covers, new wipers, montage carriage , new hydro lines, lubrication wiring, tapping carriage, scraping of guiding surfaces, repairing the hydraulic clamping of the table, assembly of whole groups

Turcite gluing on the wedges, scraping spindle geometry, new spindle, rotate the headstock for HSS 70 bearings, motor W22 MHFRAIG160M 02 Lenze 15kW / 6000ot, regulator Lenze 20KW controller to the TNC620, large headstock adjustment (shift, gear wheels), Complete new spindle cooling circuit and new CO12 refrigerator, Legalization of the boom and reconstruction of the W brake on the hydraulics, Replacing all machine bearings, replacing damaged gears wheel and shifters, replacement of spindle suspension rods, roll repair, Changing the bronze pan of the spindle extension, accurately fitting to the new spindle diameter, Hydro-aggregate and central lubrication, cooling, new distribution and central lubrication Tribotec, replacement of all pressure hoses and fittings, electromagnets, pressure switches, Repairing or supplying a new Hygo Hygrosystem Argo Hytos, (according to initial revision of the original aggregate)

Machine Paint
Washing parts of the machine, cutting and finishing, RALL paint acrylic paint .

Electro adjustment:
cleaning and adjustment of Heideinhain and montage of linear rulers on X, Y, Z LS603C and axis B- ROD 486, Complete replacement of power supplies, power wiring, limit switches, The new SAREL and Schneider air-conditioner, new electrical elements, complete replacement of wiring to motors and after machine, Installation with the original Haidenhain TNC 620 control system

Steuerung Heidenhain : TNC 620
Arbeitsspindeldurchmesser: 100 mm
X Weg: 1250 mm
Y Weg: 1120 mm
Spindeldrehzahl: 16 - 2500 / min.
IKZ: nein
Spindelvorschub (W): 600 mm
Z Weg: 960 mm
Werkzeugmagazin: nein
Spindelkegel: ISO 50 .
Schnellvorschub: 8 m / min
Achse B: 360 °
Hauptmotorleistung: 20 kW
Maschinenabmessungen L x B x H: 6130x3600x2750 mm
Maschinengewicht: 11400 kg



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Žitavského 496
156 00 Praha

Ansprechpartner: Michal Števlík

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MMV Leasing GmbH

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